Warehousing Manufacturing Distributing

Sanford Enterprises, Inc. is a manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution company conveniently located on the southwest Texas border of Mexico. The manufacturing plant operates as a maquiladora, a special type business to which duty free imports and exports are granted. This enables the factory to import both foreign and local materials without paying taxes. The materials are then converted to a finished product and exported duty free to the USA under NAFTA as a Made in Mexico product. The benefits of Mexico are many: A vibrant and stable workforce, skilled labor, shorter lead times, and lower manufacturing costs. The secret to the success of the operation is the close proximity to the border, (just 6 miles from the Del Rio Warehouse to the Mexican Plant), and the use of lean manufacturing techniques. The factory is able to turn out hundreds of thousands of products each year from a very compact facility. Our Distribution Warehouses on the USA side are designed for high volume and fast disbursement, with 24 doors and dock.

Among others, we have manufactured for:

- L.L. Bean
- K9 Cushion
- Up Country Inc.
- Harry Barker
- Planet Dog

- Blue Stem

- Overstock.com

- Orvis
- Toland Enterprises

- Amazon

- Hayneedle
- Bed, Bath, and Beyond
- Walmart
- Target
- Kmart
- Heavy Duty Bus Parts
- Leggett & Platt
- J.C. Penny
- Garden Ridge
- Ace Bayou Corp.

Mexico Manufacturing Info and Capacities

Sanford S. DE R. L. – Maquiladora

Factory – 25,000sqft



  • Fabric Cutting (2 Cutting Tables, Gerber Accuplotter)
  • Sewing (Over 200 machines)
  • Synthetic Fiber Picking/Blowing
  • Wood Cutting (Table Saw with Conveyor System, Gang Saw, Band Saws,
    Radial Saws, Rip Saws, Drill Press)
  • Frame Assembly & Upholstery (Over 250 Framing and Upholstery

Production Capacities

  • Furniture Assembly
  • Furniture Framing
  • Upholstery 
  • Bean Bag Covers
  • Dog Bed Covers
  • Pillow Covers
  • Seat Covers


Del Rio Warehousing and Distribution 


Two buildings, parallel located, on over 8 Acres of Sanford owned
land. Fully integrated Distribution Office, Forklifts, Daily UPS and Fedex Pickups. 

Warehouse 1

  • 25,000sqft
  • 7 Doors, built in EZ lift ramps, Dock


Warehouse 2

  • 40,000sqft
  • 17 Doors, built in EZ lift ramps

Get Directions To:
201 Farley Lane
Del Rio TX 78840